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Rooftop Yoga
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Times: SEASON 2017-2018 CLOSED, with Laura Carroll, Location: Roe Street Carpark, Level 6, 68 Roe Street, Perth 6000
Join us everyone morning Mon-Fri for an energising Surya (sun) yoga practice accompanied by a sparkling city skyline. Let the sunrise be your daily inspiration.
Suitable for all levels.
Friendly Fridays, bring a friend for FREE every Friday!
(Please invite a different friend each week who is new to the rooftop yoga experience. Repeat plus-ones will be asked to pay)
Mat Hire: free
Facilities: Public Toilet at James St entrance before the lift. No showers.


- $20 Drop in
- Students: $18
- 5 classes:$90 (expires end of 2016/17 season)
- 10 Classes: $175 (expires end of 2016/17 season)

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