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26 May 2016 - 10:12, by Laura Carroll, in S.P.A.C.E
SPACE – When I hold you I feel empowered, present, excited, in control, alive, energized.

SPACE – When I drop into you I feel surrender, freedom, stillness, peace, clarity, oneness.

SPACE – When I breathe you I feel steady, grounded, assured, confident, trusting.

SPACE – When I embody you I feel embraced, connected, clear, unaffected, understood.

SPACE – You are EVERYWHERE, in my heart and at the centre of the universe.

SPACE – You are constant and unchanging.

SPACE – You allow me to see the light and beauty in all things.

SPACE – You cannot be boxed, bought, shaped or sold.

SPACE – You may hide in the shadows but you’ll always stay, awaiting discovery.

SPACE – You will live on when my body’s long gone and I will become one with you.

SPACE – You quiet my monkey mind and thirst for reasoning.

SPACE – In you I trust.

SPACE – You just are.

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